Creating a New Site

Different businesses need different web solutions which is why we like to consult with you to find out what will work best for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions and resources that will help you whether you choose to use our service or not,

Do I Need a Website?

If you have a business, then nearly always yes

A website should in almost all circumstances help. You can do a lot without a website, but all of these things work better when they link back to a solid online presence.

Some useful additions to your website

Google Business – Quick to set up, free and makes it easier for people to find you locally.


Facebook – Great for creating a community of followers and for using ads to promote items or services. This can work well if it leads to a landing page on your site or a webinar, a sign up or an offer. Having a website allows you to craft this.


Tik Tok, Instagram, Linked in, Patreon, Etsy etc again all great platforms, but linking back to a website can give so much more credability and flexability. 

How do I pick a Domain Name?

Keep It Short and Simple

Your domain or website address should show what you do or at least be relevent in some way. For most businesses it should be easy to google, so something like


To check if the name you want is available try one of these sites


123 reg

Go Daddy


If you want advice about buying your domain and planning your website then let us know.

What Platform Should I build my Site On?

What Do You Need?

There’s a lot of solutions out there and we love to build in wordpress as we can adapt and change the site to do what most of these others do.Wordpress is expandable, flexible and often has much lower running costs than something like Wix or Squarespace.

Though we love wordpress, there maybe other options that might work for you depending on budget and what you wish to achieve.

This article will give you some ideas

Talk to us and we can help you explore what might work best for your business

Hosting and Emails

We Provide Great Hosting You Control

Every site needs to be hosted. We offer an easy to manage fast and reliable hosting package where you can have your own cpanel access.


Each domain can have as many emails as you like.

Planning Your Site

Know Your Purpose

Planning your site can be as simple as showing who you are and what you offer. Simple sites can be effective and can always be added to later.


Adding things like membership areas, online courses or e-commerce can massively increase the functionality of your site.

Things to consider

  • Know your customers
  • Research your competition
  • Have an SEO and Marketing Strategy
  • Create a content inventory
  • Have a clear call to action
Managing and Growing Your Site

You Have Full Control If You Want it

Depending on your circumstances and skills you may want to further develop and maintain your own site. If you want us or someone else to keep managing it then this is also very possible. All our sites come with full support and tuition videos from basic editing to things such as creating online courses and running ecommerce stores.